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The Goa history dates back to the 3rd century when it was part of the Mauryan empire. Then it came under the rule of the Satavahanas of Kolhapur. It changed hands with the Chalukyas of Badami. Goa was also ruled by the Shilharas and Kadambas. In 1312 Goa for the first time fell into the hands of the Muslim rulers when Harihara of the Vijayanagar Empire evacuated the coastal area.

Goa History

Asia's oldest light house
located at Fort Aguada, Goa. Goa History

Goa for the Vijayanagar was an important port to carry out trade with the west via the Arabian Sea.

In 1469 Bahami Sultans of Gulbarga captured Goa. Then came Adil Shahis' of Bijapur from whom the Portuguese took over in 1510. Goa is blessed with natural harbor's and ports which were ideal for the seafaring Portuguese. They needed this place to control the spice trade to Europe and the Middle East. Initially the occupation was limited to a small area around the present day Goa. But Slowly the Turks were driven out of the area and Portuguese captured a large area and hence gained a good hold over the spice trade from the East. Goa become the Viceregal seat of administration for the Eastern colony of the Portuguese.

History of Goa India

In Goa History the Marathas nearly occupied Goa from the Portuguese in the 18th century. During the Napoleonic wars Britishers had a brief occupation of Goa otherwise the Portuguese were masters of Goa till 1961 when they were finally driven out.

Goa has Hindu population in majority but the life style and culture of the place has so developed that skirt dominates the sari. And who can forget Feni, the locally brewed liquor which is popular as much among the tourist as it is among the locals. In 1542 came St. Francis Xavier, a Jesuit Missionary.

Once Christianity came to the place many churches were built and till date they are famous for their designs and architecture. But the main attraction of Goa is its soft golden beaches. These beaches still awash with budget travelers of all ages and degrees of affluence. Not only foreigners Goa is also attracting an ever increasing number of Indians from out side Goa. Holidays in Goa can be lot of fun. Visit Goa and discover the yarns of mysteries with which the beauty of Goa has been weaved. Believe it or not! You will soon be entrapped into wearing that dress filled with beads of innocent beauty, which once worn will never be wished to be taken off.


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