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Goa Destination India

CRYSTAL CLEAR blue waters, swaying palms, sun-kissed beaches and alcoves,
carnival ambience - the land of Feni, food and fun - by now you must have guessed what this picturesque destination is.
Yes, it is destination Goa, India.

Destination Goa, India:

Goa Destination, on the west coast of India, is familiar to most people. It is a honeymooners' and travelers' paradise. Even though it is a well-known holiday spot, it is still being packaged and marketed as one. This is exactly what Goa Tourism and Goa Tourist Development Corporation have begun. This initiative is going places - rather the officials concerned are going places, projecting the beauty of Goa. After Kerala and Hyderabad, it is Goa's turn to showcase its natural and architectural heritage to lure tourists.

Destination Goa India

Goa Destination

Goa is not just a land of beaches. It is rich in monuments and religious structures. The State has a history to speak of - being ruled by many dynasties like the Satavahanas, Rashtrakutas, Kadambas and Yadavas before it came under Portuguese suzerainty in 1510. Although the Portuguese left in 1961, vestiges of Portuguese colonialism are still evident here. The Goan culture is eclectic - reflected primarily in food and celebrations. Most citizens have the joie de vivre and a carnival spirit permeates daily life. The Goan one is of the usual kind, nevertheless it provides glimpses of the geography and culture of the State.

Everything in Goa is geared towards tourism as there is an inflow of revenue. In fact, Goans welcome tourists. Almost 10 Lakh domestic tourists and 3 Lakh foreign tourists visit Goa annually.

Goa is the only destination, place where charter flights land in the India. The infrastructure caters to all budgets.


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